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Get the engine repair service in Rockville, MD, you need at the most competitive price you will find anywhere and come to Superior Auto Service.

We offer detailed engine maintenance and repairs for vehicles of every make and model. As a fully equipped auto diagnostics shop, you can rest assured we will be able to identify exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and provide the most affordable solution. Whether you need a quick fix or our complete engine replacement service, we have got you covered. We also provide a comprehensive transmission repair service.

Cost-Effective Engine Replacement Service And Repairs

You want your car's engine to work properly, but you also do not want to spend more money on repairs than is necessary. Our technicians perform a full inspection to see what condition your engine is in and whether it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace it. Once we finish the inspection, we give you our recommendation as well as the price to complete the work.

To keep your engine running like the well-oiled machine it was designed to be, pay attention to certain signs that something is wrong. The following are some common signs of engine trouble:

    • Check Engine Light Comes On
    • Jerky Sensations While Driving
    • Surging or Stalling
    • Delayed or Slow Acceleration
    • Tapping or Popping Noises
    • Burning Rubber or Gas Odors
    • Smoke Appearing at the Front or Rear of Vehicle
  • Transmission Repair Service & Replacement Options

    Anytime your car is shaking under the hood, you want to bring it in for professional auto inspection to see if something is wrong with the transmission. Acting quickly and not neglecting your vehicle is the best way to avoid more in-depth and costly transmission repairs. Whether you need repairs for your manual transmission and clutch, or you require a new transmission replacement, we have the expertise to deliver superior auto repair.

    Much like our engine repair service, we perform a thorough inspection before doing any transmission repairs. This ensures that your transmission is indeed the source of your vehicle's problems and the only part that requires repair work. Once the problem has been identified, we will provide service that corrects your issues and fits your budget.

    When it is time for a new transmission, our honest technicians help you find an option that will get you back on the road while keeping costs to a minimum. Signs your vehicle may need transmission replacement include:

      • Burning Odors
      • Loud Noises While in Neutral
      • Slipping Gears
      • Dragging Clutch
      • Leaking Fluid
      • Grinding or Shaking
      • Humming
      • Lack of Response When Shifting Gears (Manual or Automatic)
  • Transmission Services
  • Essential Alternator And Starter Repair

    Trust our ASE-certified technicians to keep your electrical system in shape and your engine cranking reliably with precision alternator repair and starter repair. If your car won't start, but your lights, radio and horn function, the issue is typically your starter. Dim or flickering lights, combined with warning lights, failing battery, and strange smells indicate an issue with your alternator.

    Because our goal is to save you time and money, we inspect your starter and alternator carefully, along with your belts and battery cables. Whatever the source of your trouble may be, you can depend on our team to isolate the problem and take care of it.

    Contact us today to discuss your vehicle's engine or transmission troubles. We are conveniently located to serve customers in and around Rockville, Wheaton, Aspen Hill, Silver Spring, and North Potomac, MD.

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