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Timing Belt Replacement in Rockville, MD

A timing belt is a small part of your vehicle that your engine depends on to function. Gradually, the timing belt becomes worn down, requiring timing belt repair or replacement services. If you need a timing belt replacement in Rockville, MD, make Superior Auto Service your first stop. We offer timing belt and timing chain replacement services for all types of cars and trucks.

In addition to timing belts, we also offer a convenient and dependable car battery service. Visit our auto shop to see the great deals we have on car battery sales and let us put in a new battery that is more effective and reliable than your old one.

  • The Importance Of A Quality Timing Chain Replacement

    Timing belt issues are not something to be ignored. Left unchecked, a timing belt can cause extensive and expensive damage to your engine, especially on older model vehicles. At the first sign or sound of timing belt trouble, let our certified mechanics take a look. We provide a comprehensive inspection and car diagnostic service that tells you if you need timing belt repair work or a complete timing belt replacement.

    Timing belt replacement requires more experience than the casual weekend mechanic has because timing belts affect other engine components such as valves and pistons. These mechanical parts must work and move in perfect sync to keep your engine running as it was designed to run.

    In addition to the timing belt itself, some of the parts we replace include idler pulleys and tensioners. A water pump and gasket are also part of the replacement package, as well as front crank or cam seals if your seals are leaking. Our auto repair shop provides a complete auto timing belt replacement at very reasonable prices.

  • Belt Services
  • Car Battery Sales At Competitive Prices

    Few things are more frustrating the driving a car with an unreliable battery. You never know when the battery will fail you and require a jump start from another vehicle. This can seriously disrupt your plans for the day, making you late for work and other important appointments. Rather than deal with an unpredictable battery, outfit your car with a new one that always works properly.

    Our auto shop offers car battery sales at very reasonable prices. We carry quality batteries for vehicles of every make and model, so you are sure to find one that fits your car or truck. Once you select the battery you need, you can count on our technicians to handle the installation.

    Car Battery Replacement Service

    You turn the key, but nothing happens. If the lights are dim or do not work at all, the problem could be your battery. Get the juice flowing again by coming to our shop for a car battery replacement. Instead of taking out your old battery and installing a new one, allow our car battery service to do the work for you. We install batteries of all sizes for cars of every kind.

    Contact us today to receive the car battery or timing belt replacement needed to get your vehicle up and running again. We are conveniently located to serve customers in and around Rockville, Wheaton, Aspen Hill, Silver Spring, and North Potomac, MD.

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